About Us

About Verai Overseas

Spices are the real essence of the food and veraioverseas provide you the finest and organically produced Indian spices at your doorsteps. We have been producing organic and conventional spices for years and have millions of customers across India now we are extending our services by sending our organic and conventional products globally. Your safety is our top priority having this as the prime motto we are producing our products that are chemical-free and away from toxic preservatives. Enjoy every meal prepared from the finest products by veraioverseas. We strongly believe organic products are a great choice to take your health to the next level.
Being a spices producer in India we follow the traditional way of farming that ensures the quality of the products. Apart from spices, we are also one of the oilseeds producer in India. Veraioverseas.com is an e-store that provides you a better shopping experience and keeping in track of the products that are for sale. As We intake bulk orders we have a great team to ensure the quality and quantity of the products and we thrive to deliver them on time. One of the main reasons to sell our products at such a reasonable cost is because we are a direct spice exporter and supplier in India and avoid all kinds of a middleman. All the products that you buy from our website are enriched with a unique aroma that adds a great texture and flavor to your meal. Apart from spices, we are also an oilseeds exporter and supplier in India ensuring to provide you the premium quality oilseeds.
The farm of veraioverseas is located in banaskantha, Gujarat. A great location to produce the spices and oilseeds on large scale. Have convenient shopping by adding our spices to your cart from our website.

Our mission to provide you

• Premium quality products straight from the farm
• Timely deliver the products purchased from our e-store
• All the products at a reasonable price
• Assured to receive products in the best condition
• Bulk orders available
From the fertile soil of Gujarat, we deliver locally sourced and organic and conventional spices farm products to your doorsteps. Our ethical produces are enriched with healthy as you can get from the comforts of your home. Order today to avoid the hassle at the grocery store.

Our Vision

our vision is to expand the business and be a prominent player in the Indian food industry. our main objective is create good atmosphere for business where our clients fulfill its demand with satisfaction and build a good relation. we aim to expand our reach and deliver highly nutritive and flavorful farm food across the world.