Coriander Seeds

Category: Spices

Coriander seeds which are also popularly known as dhania in India are wildly used in most of the cushions to add up the flavor. These seeds originated from north Africa, west India. Coriander seeds are harvested when the plants start to dry and shut their levels. These seeds not only add up the flavor but also used for treating various ailments like toothache, joint pain, and infections caused due to fungi or bacteria. Coriander seeds are one of the key ingredients used in Ayurveda. The dry fruit of the plant is called the coriander seeds which are also used in powder form by crushing the coriander seeds.

Health benefits of coriander seeds

• Coriander seeds can help if your suffering from digestion problems as it helps in generating digestive juice that helps in breaking down the food particles.
• These seeds also help in keeping your cholesterol level in a normal state by producing a component called coriander that controls the lipids and bring down the cholesterol level.
• Coriander seeds contain many nutrients like vitamin c which acts as antioxidants, vitamin a that helps in keeping away the cough and cold
• A woman who is suffering from heavy menstrual flow must add coriander seeds to their diet as the seeds help in controlling the hormonal imbalance. Chewing the seeds also helps in getting relief from the menstrual cramps
• Coriander helps in detoxing your body by removing all the toxic matter accumulated in your body. This helps in keeping your body much healthier and active all the time also keeps your digestive system clean.

How to store coriander seeds

Coriander seeds and be stored in an airtight container at a normal room temperature for almost a year. The coriander seeds powder can be used for six to eight-month this powder has to be replaced once they start losing the texture and taste while cooking.

Simple remedies with coriander seeds

• Pimples can be much painful as a teenager to get rid of pimples make powder of coriander seeds and make a paste along with the honey and a bit of turmeric. Apply the mask and leave it for 20 min and rinse it with cold water this mask also helps in getting black spots caused by the pimple.
• Coriander seeds are a great home remedy for ailments like stomach ache all you need to do is powder the coriander seeds and boil them with water wait until the water gets into half quality and consume the water this works wonders for the stomach ache.
• Boldness can be cured by applying a pulp of coriander seeds regularly can see a visible difference within two to three months of continuous usage.
• Make a paste of coriander seeds and apply them to your forehead to get relief from headaches.