Cumin Seed

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Cumin seeds are considered the most commonly used spices around the globe. They are the second most popular spices being followed by black pepper. It is discovered that cumin seeds have a rich history of 5000 years and are even found in the tomb of pharaohs. The spices have enormous health benefits also act as a medicine for various ailments. Cumin is widely used in the middle east and stretches up to India. Cumin is mostly bought in the form of seeds or cumin powder form. Cumin comes from the Cuminum plant belonging to the family of Apiaceae.

Health benefits of cumin seeds

• Cumin helps in managing body weight. They help in burning calories by increasing the metabolism rate and improving digestion.
• By regular consumption of cumin seeds, one can reduce the stress level as the seeds act as antioxidant
• Cumin has the great property of promoting digestion by releasing the bile from the liver. Bile helps in digesting the fats and adds up nutrients to the gut. Helps in activating the digestive enzymes results in fast digestion.
• The iron content in cumin seeds is naturally rich in iron. On average one teaspoon of cumin seeds has 1.4 mg of iron. Even a small amount of seasoning adds a great source of iron. Helps in enriching the blood keeping up the hemoglobin level. Daily consumption can get great results for pregnant women.
• Cumin seeds help improve blood cholesterol. They also help in preventing from cancer since it has a rich anti-carcinogenic property.

How to store cumin seeds

Cumin seed can be store in the freezer for a long time to maintain its flavor if you do not use it regularly. The other way is simple to store in a pantry and can keep up to 1 to 2 years.

Simple remedies with cumin seeds

• If your suffering from insomnia all you need to do is take a spoon of cumin powder along with one spoon of mashed banana and have this paste before you sleep to have a good sleep. It contains a compound of melatonin while consuming with mashed banana induce to sleep
• Take a glass of warm milk and add half a spoon of cumin powder and 1 spoon of honey to it. Mix well. Have it every day. The cumin seeds have excellent properties by helping in relieving constipation and improving the digestion process in pregnant women. The seeds also help in dealing with pregnancy symptoms nausea and constipation. They also help with aiding in better delivery, they also enhance lactation.
• Take 1 spoon of cumin seeds and 1 glass of water. Let them boil for 15 minutes. Along with that add some finely chopped ginger to this. Let them Boil properly and consume the cumin water benefits. Strain and have this twice or thrice every day. Due to their anti-inflammatory and ni-bacterial properties, they are a great home remedy for cold and cough. Due to the great properties of cumin seeds help in soothe inflamed muscles and boost the immunity to fight the inflections

Moisture 10% Max
Purity 99% Min
Admixture 1% Max
Volaile oil 2% Min