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Groundnut also knows as peanuts. the scientific name of the nut is Arachis hypogea these nuts contain many nutrients like vitamin A, magnesium, and copper. Groundnuts are high in antioxidants and dietary fibers. The nuts are of different types light roasted and dark roasted. Peanuts are usually grown in sandy loam soil having a ph of 5.9 to 9. These nuts are grown in tropical and subtropical areas. These nuts help in lowering the bad colostral level and resources have said that people who consume groundnut on daily basis is very little chance of suffering from heart strokes or disease. They help in keeping the skin young and healthy.

Health benefits of groundnut

• Groundnut helps in controlling blood sugar levels. The American diabetes association has named peanuts a diabetes superfood. the fibers in the nuts help to stabilize blood sugar levels.
• Daily consumption of peanuts helps in reducing type 2 diabetes. The rich profile of peanuts is responsible for this which includes monounsaturated fats fiber and vitamin e.
• These tiny seeds help in increasing the collagen level and strengths the hair follicles and prevent boldness. As it’s a great content of vitamin c it also prevents hair fall.
• Peanuts are packed with proteins, fat, and fiber that help keep you satiated for a long time. It provides instant energy and speeds up the process of metabolism and helps in weight loss.
• As the nuts contain vitamin a and vitamin c help in achieving glowing skin and fight against the wrinkles, fine lines, and aging process. Daily consumption helps in achieving a radiant glow to the skin.

How to store groundnuts

On average these nuts can be store for about six to seven months when they are stored under an airtight container at room temperature. The nuts can also be preserved for up to one year when they are kept fridge. These nuts can be consumed until the oil in them has not become rancid.

Simple dishes with groundnut

• Take an equal amount of groundnuts and jaggery add sugar according to the taste and a spoon of vegetable oil and grind it until it becomes a paste. Peanut butter is ready you can have this bread.
• To make a peanut chat add a peanut and a pinch of salt along with turmeric powder boil it for three whistles strain the water add ¼ spoon of chilly powder and ¼ spoon of chat masala along with some green chutney. Add onion, tomato, and a spoon of lemon juice along with coriander leaves and mix them well. Your peanut chaat is ready to serve.
• To make masala peanut take half a cup of basan and two cups of rice flour and two cups of cone flour. A pinch of chilly powder and turmeric powder. Add salt as per the taste, baking soda and hing mix them well add water to make it a thick paste. Boil the oil for 10 min fry the peanuts. masala peanut is ready to serve.
• Groundnut chutney is great with dosa to make the chutney roast the peanut and keep it aside. Take a pan and add two spoons of oil and one spoon of urad dal and one spoon of chana dal fry them along with two green chilly. Grind them along with the peanuts. chutney is ready to serve.