Roasted Chana Grams

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Roasted chana or black grams is one of the most consumed healthy snacks in India. These roasted chana grams are loaded with nutrients like protein, fibers, minerals, and fatty acids. They are low in fat keep you feel full and helps in keeping the blood sugar level stable. Roasted chana is easily available in the Indian market Also used in various dishes. Chana is roasted on low flame until they become crisp. Roasting helps to keep them crispy and fresh also brings out the flavor well. These grams are oil-free as well as guilt-free making it a perfect snack for all.

Health benefits of roasted chana grams

• Roasted chana grams are fat-free, sodium-free, saturated fat-free. They help by lowering the risk of heart disease and also help in keeping us away from colon cancer.
• These grams are a great source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
• The dietary fiber in grams helps in regular bowel movement and prevents constipation. They also help in lowering heart problems.
• They help in keeping the blood sugar low as this contains carbohydrate that takes a much longer time to digest it contains low IG that makes better snacks for diabetes.

How to store roasted chana grams

Always make sure you store them clean and in an air-tight container. They can be stored for about one year at room temperature. Make sure to keep them away from humidity and moisture.

Simple dishes with roasted chana gram

• They are consumed as it is which has a high amount of protein in them
• These grams can also be added to bhel to add up extra crunch.
• Add one onion and tomato and a pinch of salt along with lemon juice mix all the ingredients well a tasty snack is ready.
• Another great snack is mixing roaded chana gram along with the jaggery they are a most famous snack that is very healthy.