Sesame Seeds

Category: Oilseeds

Sesame seeds are obtained from the sesame plant with is an annual herb where the flowers produce the pods containing sesame seeds. These seeds are compressed to get the sesame oils. These seeds are more commonly used in Asian countries. The toasted seeds are used to make sesame paste used as an alternative to peanut butter. These seeds contain many nutrients like copper, calcium, iron, manganese. There are two types of sesame seeds available white and black. The white seeds are commonly used in all the dishes and black seeds are very strong the aroma while adding with the other incidence may overwhelm the dish.

Health benefits of sesame seeds

• Sesame seeds are loaded with anti-aging properties that help in keeping the skin young and glowing. The oils which are present in the sesame seeds help in keeping the skin soft and supple.
• These seeds also help in proper digestion by lubricating the intestine and help in smooth bowel movements.
• Stress and depression have become a common issue these days sesame seeds contain amino acids called tyrosine that are directly linked with serotonin activity. Serotonin is responsible for mood daily consumption of sesame seeds helps in keeping it balanced.
• Sesame seeds can be used as a natural conditioner for hair as it protects the hair from damage by keeping it soft and silky. They keep the scalp moisturized and improve the hair follicles.
• The seeds work wonders for people suffering from blood pressure as the seeds contain magnesium helps in getting rid of hypertension and keep blood pressure balanced.
• Sesame oil is great for hair as it prevents hair fall and boldness keeps the hair strong and healthy.

How to store sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are usually stored in an airtight container. If the seeds are refrigerated they can be kept for six months and if they are unrefrigerated they can be used for three months. The frozen can even be kept for one whole year. Sesame oil can be stored for a year also during the hot climate.

Simple remedies with sesame seeds

• Take a hand full of sesame oil and rub it over the chest to get relieved from the cough.
• Consuming a spoon of tossed sesame seeds works wonders for PCOS and weight gain. As the seeds are packed with a lot of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and tones of protein with very low carbohydrates help in controlling insulin production and hormonal disorder.
• Oil pulling using the sesame oil help in keeping clean oral and strong teeth and jaw.
• Sesame seeds and jaggery mixture is a great source for lactating mother and growth of the baby. This helps in improving hemoglobin level and digestion. They are a great source of boosting immunity and rich in minerals.

Admixture 1% Max
Purity 99% Min
Oil Content 48% Min
FFA 2% Max
Moisture 6% Max
Salmonella Absent/25g